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YouTube Resource

From Playlist

YotuWP retrieve and display all publish video from playlist URL.

From Channel

Display all publish video from a channel ID.

From Username

Easy embed all publish video from your account by provide username only.

Single Video

Adding a video with player or thumbnail into your page

Multi Video IDs

Adding video gallery on your page from URL of videos.


Embed video gallery from the keyword. YotuWP will retrieve and display them quickly.

Gallery Layouts


With multi columns videos and vertical video info. You can change number of columns via setting.


Display videos with one column and horizontal video info


Combie layout between grid and list layout. You can change number of columns via setting.


Showcase your videos in a rotating carousel that looks amazing


Strong online presence to get the attention of your target audience


40+ Effects for this layout to stand out from the competition

Layout Settings

Number Columns

The number columns of videos on Grid and Mix layout mode.

Video Per Page

The limit number videos display on each page.


The pagination for reaching more videos on list. You can have next/prev or load more button

Video Thumbnail Ratio

Remove top and bottom black bar of thumbnail image with HD video ratio.

Video Title

Show/Hide video title on the gallery.

Video Description

Show/Hide video description on the gallery.

Video Meta Data

Show/Hide meta data video such as View, Like, Published Date, Comment numbers.

Video Duration

Show/Hide video duration on top of video thumbnail.

Video Thumbnail Styles


Simple style with video thumbnail and title.


Style similar the Abnb property listing


Style similar the Google Plus post listing

Yoogle Play

Style similar the Google Play item listing


Style similar the Flickr item listing


Style similar the Pinterest item listing

Slide Down

Style with thumbnail and title, hover to show description.

Styling and Extras

Cache gettings video data

The cache to reduce time for loading videos. Give best experience to your readers.

Pager Layouts

There is multi style for you can apply for Next and Prev buttons

Button Shape & Styling

The styling for all buttons on video gallery

Hover Icon & icon color

The icon display when hover on video thumnail.

Title and Description Color

Set your own color for title and description of video on gallery


Replace your video title, description thumbnail with your custom data

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