How to get YouTube API key

How to get YouTube API key

YotuWP uses the YouTube API v3.0 to retrieve video image, title and description of videos.

To generate API code:

Step #1:

Go to Google Developers Console and log in with your Google account.

Step #2:

Create the new project (name does not matter for the plugin). Click on My Project to create new one.


Exclusive Bonus: Download PDF - How to get YouTube API key for keep in note or sharing to your friend.

Step #3:

Go to your project (by clicking on its name in the list).

Step #4:

In the sidebar on the left, click Library.

In the list of APIs search for “youtube” or go to YouTube Data API (v3) and make sure that it’s enabled (Enable).

Step #5:

In the same sidebar click Credentials. Then click on CreateCredentials and choose Browser key.

Step #6:

Click Restrict Key button on the popup to setup some other settings to restrict your API Key.

Then press Save to set all option to default for using API Key or follow advance setting below

Step #7:

Optional: You can setup the Application restrictions to allow API key for using on your site or hosting only

Optional: You can setup the API restrictions to use with Youtube Data API 3 only


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YotuWP Advance comes with several additional benefits...

  • Carousel Layout
  • Masonry Layout
  • Big Player Left Layout
  • Big Player Right Layout
  • Replacement: Replace title, description and video thumbnail by your custom info, image
  • Multiple video thumbnails styling
  • Meta video data: View, Like, Comments, Published Date
  • 12+ Hover icons
  • Custom text for buttons Next, Prev, Load more
  • Color styling for title, description, meta data
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