[NewInYotuWP] Flip layout & Hover video box effects

[NewInYotuWP] Flip layout & Hover video box effects

After some months finding ideas and collect requirements from customers. YotuWP version 1.3.4 has many new features and optimizations.

New Features

Hover video box effect.

Video thumbnails similar image gallery. So I decided to bring effects hovering to my plugin gallery. This option help customers focus on video well and attractive. There are 30+ effect for hover event on video thumbnail.

Let check video below:

Flip layout and effects

You can saw some image gallery has flip image to show content. Similar like that with the Flip layout in YotuWP, just hovering on the image to grab video title. This layout gives your customers the best experience on using video gallery.

Flip layout comes with 40+ effects, let rock with flip layout via videos below:


  • Background Color for the gallery. You can find it at Styling tab of YotuWP settings panel
  • Play video directly by URL. You can set which video is played when customers access a URL.


Other hidden feature

In version 1.3.3, I added a feature called Use as Modal.

It means the gallery show when a click an image or a link. Isn’t that cool?

To enable that. Go to YotuWP settings > General > Use as Modal, turn on it.

After that fill the value of ID of Modal. This value help plugin handle event with an element with class “yotuwp-rel-elementID”

Example: You set Modal ID to “elementID”. So the HTML handle event must have class start with “yotuwp-rel-elementID”

<img class=”yotuwp-rel-elementID” src=”image/link.png” />


<a class=”yotuwp-rel-elementID” href=”http://abc.com”>Show Gallery</a>

Let check demo below:

10x Your Audience Engagement!

YotuWP Advance comes with several additional benefits...

  • Carousel Layout
  • Masonry Layout
  • Big Player Left Layout
  • Big Player Right Layout
  • Replacement: Replace title, description and video thumbnail by your custom info, image
  • Multiple video thumbnails styling
  • Meta video data: View, Like, Comments, Published Date
  • 12+ Hover icons
  • Custom text for buttons Next, Prev, Load more
  • Color styling for title, description, meta data
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[PDF] Top 5 YouTube Video Thumnail Makers

Video thumbnails are meant to grab viewers' attention and entice them to click on the video to watch it. A custom image is best choice in this case. Here are a few of the best free thumbnail makers to sort out.

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