What new in version 1.3?

What new in version 1.3?

Yahoo, one month passed, I use hundred hours to work on a new version for YotuWp. There are some new points on version 1.3; such as new panel layout, preset field support …

The panel

The new layout panel settings


I changed the tabs settings from horizontal to vertical. Horizontal tabs are the old style for display content. It has the limit on display content, we can add more tab there.

So I decided to use vertical layout with flat styling. It is easy catching eyes with icon and text. Just grab icon you can know which main functions of the tab.

Video thumbnail styling

The Video Thumbnail styling


The new option on gallery plugin is Video Thumbnail style. Style for video thumbnail is so pure from the beginning. I saw some website had beautiful portfolio gallery. I wonder “why I do that for the plugin?”. Well, you can see it in version 1.3.

Below, there are some styling are supported.

The Yplus styling


The Ybnb Styling


Next big thing

There are some other bugs were fixed on this version as well. In case you want to try, please contact us via contact form

By the way, I have a secret for the plugin in some days next. It is special functions for your gallery. But I need your help with some questions on the link below.


Ok, see you on next week with special things from YotuWp.

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